What’s new with Edition Digital?

Since the launch of our Smart Digital Publishing System we’ve received loads of positive feedback, which we are immensely happy about, but this certainly hasn’t lulled us into a false sense of security. Quite the opposite actually! Since the official take-off, we’ve geared up our System to make it even better.

We’ve prepared a quick run-through of the System’s novelties. Longer articles that explain every Feature in depth are also available. You can find them in our Knowledgebase


Articles present a constant stream of content which is ready to be consumed on every device. This continuous publishing model is a great way to keep your readers coming back to your apps or web newsstand more often. 

Extract and animate images from PDFs

One of our latest updates is the ability to extract images from your PDFs and turn those static layouts into animations in no time. Check out the video to see how easy and simple this is by using Edition Digital tools. 

Surveys and Forms

When you’re aching to learn what your readers think or how they feel about a certain topic, the easiest way is to ask them! Using our Surveys and Forms, you’ll just need to pose the questions, add the possible answers, and let your readers be the judge. After all, they do know best.

Digital Newsstand

Make all your digital editions available in one place - it’s easy to follow, read, and share. A digital newsstand can be created literally in minutes, with complete user management and unified access control over web and apps content (iOS and Android). It solves many problems publishers have had with cross-platform selling - with money paid directly to your PayPal account.

Custom branding

Deliver an outstanding experience by completely customising your publication’s user interface design. Using our branding capabilities you can achieve a consistent and personalised experience that will perfectly match and complement your brand.

Parallax scrolling

Parallax is a cool visual effect, which uses numerous layers which seem to move at different speeds to create a 3D feeling of depth and an exciting browsing experience. Our Parallax scrolling feature will enhance your user experience with a simple click of the “Enable” button.

Copying pages

Gone are the days when you had to create every page from square one. Simply duplicate one of the existing pages, replace the background, and whip the elements around to make a completely new layout in minutes.

Animation loop

Snappy animations deserve to be played more than just once, right? Whether you want to continuously re-play the whole animation or just a section, the Loop feature is now just a click away.