The state of the media 2017


At TheMediaBriefing our stated mission is to help publishers adapt to an ever-changing ecosystem. As part of that mission we’ve recently launched our forward-looking State of the Media 2017 report, taking a look at what the key issues will be for media companies in 2017.

We've surveyed hundreds of our C-level readers and painstakingly condensed days worth of reading into one 90 minute briefing, covering all the means of revenue generation we could think of, from data to video. The report itself can be downloaded for free here - enjoy! We hope it's illuminating.

Here, too, is the launch presentation from our editor-at-large Peter Houston, breaking down the key findings from each of the 12 sections we examined:

We've also picked out some more specific data points, breaking them down by sector in a way that we simply couldn't squeeze into our top-level report. As a result, you can check these absolute stacked column charts that show some crucial differences in how our survey respondents value their own brands - and how they believe their audience values them.

As per Peter's presentation, we begin with a look at whether publishers from each sector consider themselves ready for 2017 in terms of technology and skills. Notably, national newspaper publishers perform poorly in both.

And if ever you needed an indication of how much Facebook dominates the minds of publishers - for good and ill - consider this following chart, which sees even LinkedIn a close second for both 'threat' and 'opportunity' for publishers. That was even the case among B2B publishers, for whom LinkedIn was a much stronger contender in both categories. Despite that, Facebook still dominates.