Learn from the best: Case studies from 100 branded content marketing experts

When it comes to innovation and success in content marketing look no further than the 2015 Best of Branded Content: Global Edition. Learn from the brands and agencies whose ideas broke new ground and made the biggest impact.

2015 witnessed some of the most amazing branded content marketing accomplishments, and as the marketing universe is always evolving, it’s crucial to keep up.

2015 Best of Branded Content: Global Edition, is an invaluable source of information and inspiration – an e-book that combines the input of more than 100 branded content marketing experts around the world. The collaborative, 320-page book is the flagship of BOBCM’s stakeholder engagement mission to curate, debate and share the key learnings that brands, academics and practitioners should consider when planning, creating, producing, distributing, or measuring branded content. The e-book contains 20 feature articles that reveal insight from leading exponents, and 25 case studies detailing how outstanding projects of all shapes and budgets were conceived, and the results they achieved.

2015 BOBCM: Global Edition is a collaboration with Edition Digital. The e-book is powered by the Smart Digital Publishing System from Edition Digital and optimised for computers, smartphones and tablets.

Justin Kirby, Founder & Curator of BOBCM and VP, Strategic Content Marketing at Tenthwave says: “Readers get an enhanced media experience on a completely new level, far beyond that offered by the iBooks and SlideShare platforms BOBCM used previously.” Rok Pulevic, CEO of Edition Digital, adds: “We are very proud to empower BOBCM’s amazingly rich content with an interactive mix of images, audio and video, and enable it to be instantly accessible to readers across multiple channels.”

The new ‘Best of Branded Content Marketing 2015: Global Edition’ is available free with the other BOBCM 2015 titles only at bobcm.editiondigital.com, and it will be followed in early 2016 by the publication of an international Market & Expert Insight Reports supplement.