Kath Hipwell from the entertainment and content marketing agency Red Bee gives her views on the current debate on how technological progress will affect the branded content marketing industry. There is no denying in saying that the future is definitely a powerful mixture of technology and technique. But can robots really replace the human touch? 

Editor’s note:

This is a short summary of the article #HumanVsBot, written by Kath Hipwell, who leads the strategic element of Red Bee’s content offering. Find the full article here.

Ultimately are machines/AI/robots and their kind out to help us and serve us, or to undermine us, taking our jobs and ultimately crushing us in their bloodless arms?

It’s a hot debate no matter the circle you are in.

Therefore brands need to get closer to their audience in new ways and the interface is a screen. The challenge is to create a digital experience or relationship that can feel as emotional as the original human experience.

So how can brands be human in this hyper connected multiscreen world?

As we best respond to content that truly understand us, human insight is definitely the first point that marketers have to understand. Secondly, human interaction - bots can’t match our chaotic, disruptive and irrational, but totally loveable, way of doing things. And last but definitely not least are human stories. They have shaped our society since the dawn of time, and what will help us survive whatever is to come too.

When it comes to communication humans can still have the last laugh. Robots obey commands while we can think and feel and have ideas for ourselves. Robots don’t have emotions while we can love and hate and everything in between. Robots need oil and the odd battery charge to survive. We need food and water, but as social creatures we also need to communicate with other humans for our survival. Empathy, creativity and communication are still what make us human even in the multiscreen world, and what will continue to set us apart.