How to create an engaging and attractive content

by Junaid Ali Qureshi, Elephantation, eLabelz, Smart, Progos Tech and eCig


Each and every one of us has the ability and the brains to write and create a compelling piece of writing. All of us have been told from the very start how to use words, turn them into sentences and give them a meaning.  I’m going to be completely honest with you. If your content doesn’t attract the eyes of the readers then it’s not going to be worth their while and they will refuse to read it, simple as that. Writing has also been a growing business and it always will be. It’s a field that is progressing with time. It is not possible to put a full stop to this business as every brand or company need words to attract consumers and make their business flourish.  So, writers are always wanted in the business world. Advertising agencies in Dubai are always looking for willing writers to help them in growing business.

The secret to creating engaging and attractive content isn’t inspiration. It is in the structure, planning, and research where its roots lie. I have gathered some secrets for you that will help your content writing skills. Here goes:

1. Captivate the readers’ attention

Captivating the readers’ attention is the most important thing to do. Once you have figured out what your audience demands and you know where your audience is at and what they want to read, writing will be a piece of cake. It is as simple as being where they are with the kind of information that they most desire. The most important thing is taking one step at a time. It’s a well aware fact that people are social rational beings, they feel, react and connect. The most integral part of being social is connecting. Humans connect with each other through words. Nothing can create that instant feeling of being understood and belonging than knowing that someone else feels the same way that you’re feeling. It has a better impact when you share a feeling that they also have shared for precisely the same reason.

2. Build a strategy


You have to know yourself, figure out what makes you inspired to write and you’ll need to find your voice. Every successful content writer has their own style and way of writing; no one style can match the other. So, you need to do is figure out what your style is and go from there. It is a crucial thing to put into consideration, before doing anything else. Every writer has secrets. You can say one of their weapons is their writing style that no one can possibly steal from them and that’s what makes their content writing fun and worth reading.

3. Build an audience


Before writing you need to know, whom you are writing for. You need to put your audiences demand in consideration. Advertising companies in Dubai help writers find their audience. The first step of writing is to know what your audience demands of you. Here’s where your market research pays off. It all starts with understanding from whom you are writing for. It also matters what you are writing about. I know that you don’t feel like deciding on your audience right now. When your main problem is writing content but I assure you this once you’ve figured out who you’re going to be writing for, the rest, will follow suit.

4. Prioritize value

The thing you need to get a grip on and understand is that you need to prioritize value over quantity. Most people assume if you write 5 pages in a short period of time then you are an outstanding writer but I, personally completely disagree with this. The secret of writing an engaging and attractive content is to focus on the quality of the words rather than the numbers of words you write. You need to convey your message directly to the readers without beating around the bush.

If one is looking to go forward into this field, one needs to know the basic rules and some underlying secrets. So, by following these steps and by having a strong dedicated audience, you will in no time be able to write attractive content. The purpose of saying this is that more costumers like to connect through the internet that can be accessed worldwide. You need to make sure that everyone can access your work easily.