Get to know your readers!

Digital publications can offer many advantages - from a faster creative and publishing process with more efficient project management, to a wider distribution reach. But most importantly, digital publications empower you to get a better insight into your readers.

Communication goes two-ways and has always been vital to customer satisfaction. Digital publishing platforms empower publishers with analytics that let them see how readers engage with content. By tracking every click made, this data is then used to identify the most popular content, giving publishers the opportunity to actively improve future publications and meet the interests of the audience. 

But charts and graphs unfortunately won’t tell you everything about your readers. Sometimes the easiest way to get to know your readers is to simply ask them a question. And this is where our great new Survey feature steps in. It enables you to engage with your audience on a far deeper level. You can discover your readers’ personal interests or opinions about a certain issue by simply asking them while they browse through your digital publication. The Survey feature allows you to gather feedback quickly with different sets of questions. And by responding to your readers’ wants and needs is you will retain your existing audience and have a better chance of adding new readers.  

Learn more about How to create a survey in our Knowledgebase.