Factors that make your content strong and interactive

By Junaid Ali Qureshi, Elephantation, eLabelz, Smart Leads.ae, Progos Tech and eCig

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As digital marketing becomes increasingly effective, businesses are struggling to dominate social media platforms to attract consumers and boost sales. In order to do this, it is vital to set your business apart from potential competitors by ensuring that you are backed up by a strong content creation team. Today’s well-researched and media literate consumer is more aware of the buying process that they were ever before which means the quality content is a must if your company wants to succeed in the market.

To develop content that is compelling as well as interactive, take a look at the following factors which are sure to enhance the quality of your substance.

1. Increased use of visuals

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It is necessary to consider the type of content that is more likely to garner viewership. Whether it is a branding agency Dubai or food servicing company, statistics prove that visual content can go a long way when It comes to good content marketing strategies. It is clear that visual media gives a boost to the content of businesses, a fact that marketers should consider and give due importance to. From videos and infographics to images and graphics, all types of visual content seem to be doing well on the internet.

2. Allow Viewers to Give Feedback

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Whether it a brand design agency or an online store, ensuring the interactivity of your content is essential if your business wants to engage more and more consumers. You can do this not just by including anchors and hyperlinks in your content (which can be very effective), but also through allowing consumers to contribute their opinions and ideas. Though this method is not very common yet, it is an emerging key to increased interactivity and gives your company an edge for doing something no one else is.

 Polls, quizzes and contests are some examples of ways in which businesses can make their content more engaging, allowing increased conversion rates. Moreover, feedback helps businesses decide how well their content is doing and allows the gathering of relevant data regarding the performance of the website.

3. Targeted Promotion

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It is of utmost necessity to invest in an effective marketing strategy for your content; almost as important as the quality of the content. However, before we jump into this, it is also necessary to point out the importance of SEO tools and keywords to promotional content. Companies must ensure they make a strong team on board which is able to produce informative content which is also targeted for marketing. Most firms would choose to employ a content strategist and copywriters for this purpose; to conduct research regarding topics and keywords in order to increase viewership of your website.

 Marketers need to make sure the content promotion is directed at the right audience and they can do so through analysis of geographic data, demographics as well as acute observation of behavior of their audience. Once your company has access to this data, the most effective marketing strategy can easily be formulated and adopted to complement the content creation.

4. Quality Content

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Compromising on content quality should be unthinkable! A poorly written piece of writing would fail to attract traffic and attaches a bad impression to brand name which is why when deciding upon content, superior quality of writing is indispensable. So make sure that grammar errors, spelling mistakes, and plagiarism are avoided. The use of simple language is also important in order to make content readable and easy to understand. It is also advisable to come up with a unique style for your connect ranging from story-telling narration to more formal and simple techniques. A diversity of topics is also necessary since viewers tend to seek variety and are likely to get bored by the similar content. However, creating content for the sake of it will be useless in the long run. Originality is what will keep buyers engaged and will generate sales.

5. Consistency 

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Statistics point out that 85% of the top business performers deliver content consistently (Reference: http://marcguberti.com/). It would not be an overstatement to suggest that it is this consistently that allows them to attract potential customers and create a standing for themselves in the competitive global market. Churning out frequent content is a great enabler of boosting sales since older content gets lost in the sea of new content posted every day. Consistency will keep one’s brand in front of the line and help viewers recognize it by name.

Thus, regularity in content creation is another factor that will help make your content stronger. It is advisable for companies to follow a content posting schedule for this purpose.