Edition Digital: Introducing a new partnership

Edition Digital, the publishing solution company, which just launched the new media hub THE_EDITION that ex-plores the ever changing world of the digital publishing and content marketing is now introducing a new partner-ship with the BCMA, the leading global association for branded content.

The aim of the new hub is to bring together industry opinion leaders, creatives, clients, and insight experts who are covering the best insights and innovative stories from the industry of digital publishing, content marketing and branded content.

Andrew Canter, Global CEO of the BCMA says: “We are delighted to be partnering with Edition Digital and helping to promote and build their content hub. We see this as an important part of demonstrating best practice for the branded content industry. It is also a fantastic opportunity for the marketing industry to access the latest thinking and emerging trends for the rapidly evolving and dynamic business of content marketing.”

“Knowledge is a powerful force, but the real magic can only happen when you share it and set it free. That's why we've created our very own media hub. It's full of articles, videos and publications that will provide you with useful insight into the world of digital publishing, branded content and content marketing. There's advice from experts in design, editorial, marketing, and analytics along with practical tips,” said Rok Pulevic, CEO of Edition Digital. Pulevic added: “We are very pleased about partnering with BCMA as this shows we took the right decision when contemplating about the extra value we can add to the development of our industry. Besides of course focusing on technology we now also provide a Hub with a collection of stories that show the diversity in digital publishing, and the solve challenges for digital publishers.”