Edition Digital introduces a new generation of publishing platforms

Edition Digital introduces the next generation of publishing platforms. The milestone release is a giant leap in digital publishing standards as the new Edition Digital Publishing System is the first real one stop shop in digital publishing. The system manages all the key aspects of effective digital publishing; CREATING, MANAGING, DISTRIBUTING, MONETISING and ANALYSING. Edition Digital publishing solutions are not just app-based but equally efficient for mobile and web. And it’s all achieved with absolutely no coding from the user.

Edition Digital is long established in the digital publishing market. But after years of working with long-term, high-profile partners the company is now ready to share its digital publishing experience with a wider audience. The result is the Edition Digital Smart Digital Publishing System, a unique comprehensive solution for efficient creating, managing, distributing and monetisation of digital content. And last but not at least, the System has detailed analytics to track publication sales, advertising and content performance to find out what works best.

Edition Digital CEO Rok Pulevic says: “We have a long term passion for publishing and our Digital Publishing System is designed for creatives and publishers to give them creative freedom to generate and deliver great content to their audience, without being limited by technical expertise. Simple PDF replicas as well as all kinds of interactive digital content and magazines with striking publications can be produced across all platforms – tablets, mobile devices, and on the desktop. Create once, distribute everywhere.”

The interactive digital content and magazines with striking animations are available across all platforms.

Designers love the heart of the System, the powerful design and animation tool, because multi-step animations, parallax effects or reader interactivity can be created very simply and with absolutely no coding. Creating unlimited galleries, adding video and audio content are also child’s play.

Designers love the heart of the System, the powerful design and animation tool.

In addition to all the main monetisation options the System has more good news for Publishers – a unique solution for a full branded web newsstand. A newsstand with complete user management and unified access control over web and app content (iOS and Android) can be created in minutes. This solves many of the problems publishers have had with cross platform selling - with money directly to PayPal account.

Besides all known monetisation options, Edition Digital also provides a unique solution for a full branded web newsstand.

“I know that it could sound over-confident but I believe that we are one of the best digital publishing solutions on the market” claims Rok Pulevic. “We thought about everything, even the smallest aspects of successful publishing in the digital environment, from rock-solid SEO capabilities, social media connectivity to mobile first strategy and reasonable pricing. Whatever you need we’ve got you covered.”