Digital Publishing solutions: Web archive and digital newsstand


Last week I received four emails, each with a specific problem that needed solving. Since these are our customers let’s call them A, B, C and D or Anne, Bob, Chloe and David.

I've decided to use the next four blog posts to answer their questions as all of the topics are certainly interesting to a wider audience. Stay tuned!

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1. Web archive and Digital Newsstand for Anne’s readers

Anne is a freelancer and works as a designer and editor. She publishes a brand new digital publication every second month. Since all her publications are free of charge she doesn't need to limit access to them. All she needs is an archive page, where she publishes new publications. Right now she uses Facebook for announcing new releases, but she doesn't like it much because links to publications become hidden very quickly on a profile page.

Dear Anne

Thanks for your enquiry. Please apply for our Basic plan. It has everything you need. For a web archive please use our Folio system; it works like a container for your publications. And if you apply for a bespoke domain, you may promote only one domain from now on. It should point to a web archive page where all your publications are displayed with the newest first. The Basic plan includes 10 publications, folios, digital metrics analytics and our Design tool where you may create PDF replicas, digital issues and mobile versions of your publications. Since our Basic plan only allows 10 new publication per year, please feel free to contact us and we may offer you additional deal to host entire archive of 32 publications from past years.

Check out our Folio

Keep an eye out for other answers – we’ll be posting them shortly.