Digital Publishing solutions: Single title digital newsstand


This blog is a part of a series where our CPO Peter Dragar gives answers to specific issues publishers might have. He received four different emails in which Annie, Bob, Chloe and David all have their own particular queries. We’ve decided to publish his responses to their questions in a blog series as all of the topics are certainly interesting to a wider audience.

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3. Single title Digital newsstand for Chloe

The third post in the series is for Chloe who is publishing print magazines. She would like to sell them online and her biggest fear is that this will give her extra administrative work. She thinks that all devices have unique selling channels (are not connected) and she is not ready to accept a “time-consuming” newsstand approach.

Dear Chloe

Our Pro plan sounds perfect for you. The Pro plan includes unlimited publications, folios, newsstand, digital metrics analytic, campaigns, custom domain and Design tool where you may create PDF replicas, digital issues and mobile versions of your publications. The Single title newsstand is a selling channel where web, Android, iOS are connected into one single selling platform. It means if your customers buy on web, they can also access purchased publications on iOS and Android and vice versa.

The only “technical” work you may do is to apply for apps on different stores. But don’t worry, if you don’t have any team member who is familiar with the admin work on your side, we can lend you a hand for the initial work needed for all those different stores. But once all apps are live you have channel true newsstand. 

Check out our Single Title Newsstand here:

Stay tuned for more! The following theme will address how to transfer current subscribers to a single selling channel.