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Our CPO Peter Dragar received four emails, each with a specific problem that needed solving. Annie, Bob, Chloe and David all have their own particular questions. We’ve decided to publish the answers to their questions in a blog series as all of the topics are certainly interesting to a wider audience.

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2. Membership access for Bob’s subscribers (access restriction)

The second post in the series is for Bob. Bob is a publisher. A one-man-band who would like to offer a digital edition to all the subscribers of his print magazine. But every single time he has started conversation with numerous providers he has become more frustrated. Every single one of them have requested that Bob connects his fulfilment service where subscribers are placed with some sort of API. Bob is not a programmer nor administrator and those kind of tasks just give him headaches.

Dear Bob

I understand completely. Being caught in the middle of different services must be frustrating. But don’t worry, our service supports different types of connectivity for your subscribers from API to manual import. And that is something I would like to suggest for you. Please apply for our Advanced plan. Which includes 24 publications, folios for access restriction, digital metrics analytic, campaigns, a custom domain and Design tool, where you may create PDF replicas, digital issues and mobile versions of your publications. 

For your subscribers, use our folio system with “access restriction” functionality. It works like a container for your publication and it requires login credentials. Since you are familiar with your fulfilment service I suggest that you export your subscribers to Excel and import them back to our system. It is the easiest way by far and it is perfect for you because your subscribers are being stored only in one place and you may update your Excel document whenever you need it. Later on we may be able to help you with API connectivity but it is not necessary for your case. Updating Excel requires only about five minutes of your time. 

And since you have 24 publications per year included in this plan, you may even publish 12 publication from the previous year.

Check out our Folio


Password: demo1234

Stay tuned for more! The following theme will be the Single title newsstand or how to convert a print magazine to digital and then sell it online.