5 x 5 best expert sources for great digital distribution

by PRIMOZ INKRET, PM, part of C3 network

If you look up at the stars on a clear summer night, you might wonder how many of them there are. They say we can see some 2,000 with the naked eye, but there are millions and billions of stars and planets out there. How come nobody can find us, are we really alone or just lost, hidden somewhere? Maybe we just didn’t send enough signals to show where we are, but we are trying. Similarly we are trying to send out the message that our brand new and amazing digital magazine is out. But to whom? And how?

As distribution is becoming a more and more important part of the whole content marketing buzz (which is not only just fashionable), it is essential that it is done correctly. But what are the right tactics? Millions of different cases have many more millions of answers. We have dug deep down, researched and carefully examined dozens of sources and tips on how to best distribute your digital content. Here is the first ever Top list; 5 must reads in 5 different categories. Feel free to share it.

1. Books

1. Over 200 executives’ experiences on touch points; an idea built on content that goes beyond advertising

Beyond Advertising Creating Customer Touchpoints

2. A must-know of what programmatic advertising actually is

Programmatic Advertising Transformation Data Driven Professionals

3. Inbound marketing is all about attraction and engagement

Inbound Marketing Revised Updated Customers 

4. Write copy that no-one can resist

Persuasive Copywriting Psychology Influence Cambridge 

5. 50 ways to build your marketing list

50 Ways To Build Your Email Marketing ebook

+ bonus

A classic on the psychology of marketing, useful in any situation: why people say yes

Influence Psychology Persuasion

2. Infographics

1. Send better e-mails  to mobile platforms


2. The real trend in the rise of digital magazines


3. Overview on owned, paid and earned distribution channels


4. Interactive e-mail marketing checklist


5. Simple overview of the effectiveness of distribution with matrix


3. Presentations

1. Orchestrating distribution with paid media


2. A detailed study on advanced content distribution techniques


3. How to engage and build your audience


4. Engage and convert with digital marketing


5. In-depth comprehensive guide to content distribution


4. Blog posts

1. You cannot get away without paid distribution, prices and features of the top 6 platforms


2. A list of to-dos for checklist of all distribution tactics: (take the tips you need, not all usable outside US)


3. Getting insights of successful Adobe cases on building readership


4. Everything you need to know about sponsored content (native advertising)


5. Shortlist of 5 most important audience development strategies


5. White books

1. An overview and ideas on basic principles of how to build audiences


2. Perfect resource for setting up benchmarks of e-mail marketing, with comprehensive insights of newsletter key metrics all over the globe


3. Detailed and comprehensive guide to the content distribution form Hubspot


4. Great examples on how to leverage with a “subscription economy”


5. Lead gen tactics through social media