5 content creation mistakes must to avoid in 2017

Content creation is the sole source of carrying out purpose-driven marketing. Write the right content, make it authentic, original and add a little bit of interactive style in it and boom! Your content is ready to be a magnet that pulls the viewers towards itself. But if you make mistakes while generating the content, your failure is quite eminent. This is why while generating content for the product/ service your business brand is offering, it is important to ensure that you follow the right market trends, experts advise, future predictions and the predictive analysis report. The social media services though widely used to promote the content are not as important as the content quality itself. The social media agency UAE stresses upon the need of producing content that attracts readers. It also prefers quality over quantity when it comes to offering an informative article or blog post.

Even then, many content writers, creators and marketers make mistakes and risk the future of the business line. The common ones that everyone must avoid in the present and coming year are as follows:

1. Writing content without knowing your target audience:

The content ideas you create must resonate with your targeted audience’s minds but, if you don’t even know who you’re targeting, what’s the point of working hard to generate the content? The most unbearable mistake that the content creators make is to write without knowing your audience. Like how can you write a piece to convince the people and attract them to the product when you don’t even know anything about them? Knowing about your readers and the targeted audience doesn’t mean that you need to get their bio-data or get in touch with each and every individual.

It means that you must have a clear generalized idea about who you are targeting. Say that we are writing this content without knowing that it’s for the marketers and the content writers. What results would it produce? Neither we’ll be able to generate a technical piece of content nor will the audience go through it thoroughly.

2. Not improving the bad readability, grammatical and spelling errors

Every content writer needs to edit and revise his content once he has finished writing it. If you don’t, your content might most probably end up in the revision section with the client’s complaint of bad content quality and grammatical mistakes.

But how does editing helps? It helps in removing the grammatical and spelling mistakes and improves the readability of the content. Remember how you were in your secondary school and the teachers used to ask you to recheck your essay/ work before submitting it? The rechecking exercise is still the same for the content creators and they should make the mistake of avoiding it.

3. Posting a content laser-focused on your products

Now this one might come as a shock for few but the expert content generators know how serious this matter is. The readers and even customer do not like to read about your product, service, new arrivals and sales offer round the clock. Those writers who always write the laser-focused content on the brand product annoy the customers instead of attracting them to their brand. A good content marketing strategy suggests that you must post a variety of content directed towards attracting the customers. The content can be the helpful articles, useful checklists or how-to articles.

Customers and readers are looking forward to informative pieces and entertaining posts, and not the product descriptions and promotional offers all the time. Keep this in mind!

4. Not being consistent in posting and not following SEO tactics

Another very common mistake that the marketers and content generators make is being inconsistent in posting the content. The worst thing is that they even ignore following the SEO rules and techniques. They ignore the relevancy of the content, stuff it with the keywords, do not post on regular basis, avoid email marketing and allow the content to become stale. Yes, updating the content according to the present year and technology is very important. This along with other SEO techniques, help in increasing the ranking of the websites on different search engines especially Google. In return, the traffic flow is increased and so is the profit value. But making the mistake of avoiding regular content posting and following SEO does the opposite and trust us, it’s not at all a good experience to endure.

5. Overlooking the transformation to the use of visual content

2017 is all about visual content. Making a short video, live streaming, working on infographics, images and webinars is what’s in demand by the successful content marketers. The written content has its own value but the latest stats suggest that videos will take over the platform in the year 2017.

The visual content is easier to go through, is more attractive and very persuasive. Still, many content creators fail to acknowledge the important of visual content for the future digital marketing strategies and continue to make the mistake of generating only written content. Avoiding this mistake can uplift the standards of the business even earlier than expected.

Content generating is a tricky business. Avoid these mistakes and you’ll see how quickly your business setup will escalate. Moreover, those who write for other clients will observe an unexpected rise in their content demand and success rate.