Stand out In Style!

There are many advantages of digital magazines like lower costs, wider reach, convenience for the reader, sustainability. But best of all is the ability to make your magazine interactive and engaging by enhancing it with interactive content like animations, videos, forms, pop-ups, and galleries.

Using a gallery in your digital magazine is a way to go whenever you have a series of images that you want to show. The gallery takes up only as much space on a page, as one single image, but can contain a large number of images, for which you can decide to transition automatically or be displayed upon a user interaction like the swipe gesture or shape action.

Galleries can also be viewed full-screen, enabling readers with even more features like zooming in/out and scrolling in all directions.

To increase engagement and display your product in an interactive way you can now use the 360° Gallery feature. It lets you use a set of multiple images of the product taken from different angles to show an object on all sides, swiping back and forth to turn the object around. Simple and effective!


 Learn more about how to create a 360° Gallery in our Knowledgebase.